All About Muga

The past few years have witnessed two parallel trends. First, cities are concentrating an increasing amount of people. And second, land in these cities is getting more expensive and less available, which tends to increase land taxes as well. As a result, even though there could be more demand for city dwellers to live a healthy lifestyle and practice sports on a regular basis, the truth is that smaller sports clubs are struggling to keep afloat and offer a space where people can engage in a healthy habit and socialise.

As a result of the increasing demand for safe sports practise, as well as reduce maintenance and overhead costs, smaller sports clubs are banding together in order to offer a muga pitch for their members. muga is an acronym that stands for Multi Use Game Area. In short, in MUGA pitches people can engage in multiple sports, as diverse as football, tennis, basketball, hockey, cricket, netball, badminton, and even golf putting, mini golf, and golf pathways. Some surfaces offer anti slip properties, while others have a base shockpad that helps reduce the impact during the play.

Extra information about muga pitch

It is also important to emphasise that different types of MUGA surfacing are more suited for different types of sports, budget constraints, and space availability. Selecting the right surfacing also needs to consider the wear and tear of the different options, as well as the safety concerns for the players.

In general, some surfaces are more apt for rebound sports such as netball, basketball, and tennis. Other surfaces are more shock absorbent and are better suited for football or generic recreational use.

Other MUGA surfaces are more well-known by the general public, such as the sand infilled artificial grass also known as artificial turf. It is used for sports such as 5 a side football, rugby, and hockey. The same surface, without its shockpad underlay, has additional stability and makes the ball bounce in a different way, making it perfect for playing tennis.

Recent technology developments have constantly developed MUGA surfacing playing characteristics. As a result, playing on a MUGA field is a much different experience when compared to past technology.

MUGA pitches make for an interesting investment for leisure centres. When a field uses natural grass, it will require resting periods to allow the grass to recover from being stomped repeatedly during a game. MUGA pitches do not have the same constraints and, in fact, they can be operated virtually non stop.

Other than sports clubs, MUGA pitches can also be used by schools, for example. During the day, schools can have their normal playing and competition activities among students, and they could also earn extra income by opening during the evenings, or receive a community club to help young people stay off the streets.

In short, when it is time for you to choose a MUGA pitch surfacing company, make sure you choose a company that can properly advise you about the multitude of technical aspects involving this decision. A MUGA pitch has low ongoing maintenance costs and can bring many new uses for your sports field, so make sure to consider your possibilities before committing to a final decision.